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Lionel Bellier | Associate Director

Lionel is a project manager in our Reputation practice. He focuses on corporate reputation projects, particularly the impact of social and environmental issues on large organizations. As part of the Global Insights team, he also analyzes global public opinion trends for the BBC World Service. Fluent in English and French, and proficient in German and Italian, he is a published author. Lionel joined GlobeScan in 2009.

Vanesa Berenstein | Project Manager

Vanesa has over a decade’s experience as a senior public opinion and marketing research specialist. She has broad experience in benchmarking and tracking organizational perception and managing multi-country fieldwork. Vanesa joined GlobeScan in 2003, having previously worked for TNS in Buenos Aires, where she coordinated the Gallup International Millennium Survey. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

Salim Binbrek | Project Manager

Salim, an analyst in GlobeScan’s Sustainability practice has worked as a researcher and policy analyst for a variety of international think tanks and various departments in the public sector. With a background in international development and public policy, Salim provides insight and analysis for many of GlobeScan’s sustainability and reputation projects.

Perrine Bouhana | Associate Director

Perrine recently joined GlobeScan’s London office working with diverse clients on stakeholder intelligence and engagement projects. Having worked for Edelman Public Relations Worldwide in China and Hong Kong for several years, Perrine brings a rich understanding of issues and stakeholders in Asia as well as a combined expertise in research, strategy consulting and PR/communications.

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Gayle Chong | Senior Project Manager

Gayle joined GlobeScan in 2014 and brings both market research and marketing experience. She has a background in sustainability and experience in both quantitative and qualitative research. Her knowledge of sustainability and brand strategy, along with her experience in stakeholder engagement, has been applied to the development of transformational consumer behavior change programs. Gayle has most recently been working with clients to help develop their integrated CSR strategies and frameworks.

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Chris Coulter | co-CEO

chris c
Chris is a sought-after speaker and facilitator, regularly briefing clients on trends in business and society. A thought-leader on reputation, brand and sustainability, Chris is a valued advisor to global leadership companies and organizations. Chris provides expertise to GlobeScan’s project teams, and strengthens our partnerships with long-term clients and external consultancies. Chris has been with GlobeScan since 1998.

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Francis Cowan | Senior Proofreader

Francis has been with GlobeScan since 2010 and leads on proofreading and quality control for our reports and presentations. He has 20 years of proofreading and production experience in print and digital publishing across a wide range of fields including legal, academic, education, advertising and financial reporting.

Abbie Curtis | Senior Project Manager

Abbie is a project manager in GlobeScan’s Brand practice. Her work focuses on sustainability, stakeholder engagement and brand management projects. Abbie joins GlobeScan having held various positions in the sustainability field including senior analyst at a sustainability research firm and an in-house role focussed on sustainable procurement. She holds an LLB (Hons) in Law and an MSc in Business & Community.

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Christine de Groot | Senior Project Manager

Christine is a Research Manager based in GlobeScan’s San Francisco office, where she works with a range of clients on stakeholder intelligence and engagement projects, focusing on reputation, sustainability and corporate brand. Prior to joining GlobeScan in 2013, Christine was a sustainability analyst for Calvert, a socially responsible investment firm, where she led research and corporate engagements on strategy to mitigate environment, social, and governance risks.

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Femke de Man | Director

Femke leads GlobeScan’s Reputation practice. She is a reputation specialist, with extensive experience advising multinational companies on monitoring and managing stakeholder perceptions and reputation performance. Fluent in French, English and Dutch, Femke joined GlobeScan in 2000.

Corinne Fontaine | Chief Operating Officer

Corinne manages the day-to-day operations of GlobeScan, overseeing governance, financial services, and human resources. She has been instrumental in GlobeScan achieving and maintaining our Quality Management System. A member of our management team, Corinne joined GlobeScan in 1993, and helped shepherd the company through our transition to a full-service, research-based consultancy.

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Robin Gilbert-Jones | Research Consultant

Robin is a consultant at our South African office and supports our global teams on a number of projects. Drawing on his academic background in Global Politics, he focuses on the impact of primary research on strategy and specialises in stakeholder engagement and qualitative techniques in developing markets. Having joined GlobeScan in 2010 he relocated to Cape Town in 2013 where he continues to support research projects and business development.

Anneke Greyling | Director

Anneke heads up the GlobeScan team in South Africa. She is often quoted as an independent political commentator and analyst on the interface between business, government and society. Anneke has conducted complex multi-stakeholder research programs in more than 40 countries and has in-depth experience of research and stakeholder dynamics in Africa. She has advised senior management at financial services, beverages and telecom companies on reputation and stakeholder engagement strategies. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Anneke is fluent in Afrikaans and English.

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Lisa Groves | Senior Consultant

Lisa is both a seasoned international research practitioner and an expert in generating insight on reputation management and communications strategy. She has over 13 years of combined consultancy and client-side experience, including at the BBC and freud communications. Lisa holds a Masters in Environment and Sustainable Development and has worked with a diverse range of corporate and third sector clients on how to communicate to the public and stakeholders on brand purpose, sustainability, CSR, development, social and health issues.

Christophe Guibeleguiet | co-CEO

Christophe is a public affairs thought leader and provides strategic support to all of Globescan’s practice areas. He has over 20 years’ experience advising Fortune 500 companies, global NGOs and governments on reputation and stakeholder management. Christophe has particular expertise in the complex social, economic and political environments of emerging markets. A member of our management team, Christophe has been with GlobeScan since 2009.

Marianne Henje | Senior Consultant

Marianne Henje is GlobeScan’s Scandinavia representative and senior market research strategist with more than 10 years international experience with multinational companies across consumer products, pharmaceutical, retail and industrial equipment industries. With her expertise in global project management, strategic planning, brand development, and consumer analytics and insights, Marianne assists companies and organizations to better prepare for and shape their future by promoting consumer centric and insights driven brand and market development. Based in Sweden, Marianne has an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics and speaks Swedish, English, and French.

Caroline Holme | Director

Caroline leads GlobeScan’s Brand and Engagement practices, as well as the firm’s marketing and communications. She is a stakeholder engagement specialist with leading-edge expertise in designing and developing Collaboration Forums for clients such as Unilever and BT. Caroline also heads up GlobeScan’s Radar trends and thought leadership program. Caroline joined GlobeScan in 2007, having held senior analytical roles in the financial services and healthcare industries.

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Rob Kerr | Vice President

Rob is GlobeScan’s extractive industries expert, directing our reputation and stakeholder engagement work for leading oil and gas, energy and mining companies. He also directs GlobeScan’s thought leadership work on sustainable infrastructure. A member of our management team, Rob joined GlobeScan in 1999, having previously worked at the International Institute for Sustainable Development as well as in the petrochemicals industry.

Dr. Eugene Kritski | Vice President, Methodology

Dr. Kritski is GlobeScan’s chief methodologist, and is involved in the fundamental design and analysis of all major projects. He is the author of several books and research papers, and a frequent speaker at professional forums. Dr. Kritski teaches research methodology to graduate students at The George Washington University and Adizes Institute for Organizational Transformation. Fluent in English and Russian, Eugene joined GlobeScan in 2003.

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Terri Lafontaine | Director, Graphics and Technical Support

Terri directs production and quality control for GlobeScan’s reporting and presentations. She has been instrumental in finding new and innovative ways of visually displaying primary data to allow for easy interpretation. Her infographic expertise was key to helping represent the findings from the 2011 Meaningful Brand Index. Terri joined GlobeScan in 2000.

Alex Lewis | Research Analyst

With a background in politics and communications in the UK and Italy, Alex joined GlobeScan in July 2012. He manages and reports on projects across GlobeScan’s portfolio and is a frequent contributor to our blog, with a particular focus on world affairs.

Tove Malmqvist | Research Manager

Tove manages GlobeScan’s syndicated Radar research program—delivering high value analysis, sector-specific findings, and relevant data-driven insights for issues and reputation management to leadership organizations in the corporate and non-profit arenas. Tove also manages The Sustainability Survey, conducted in partnership with the consultancy SustainAbility. Fluent in English, French and Swedish, Tove has been with GlobeScan since 2005.

Liliana Mardirossian | Senior Consultant

Since joining GlobeScan in 2010, Liliana has focused on reputation and brand measurement projects involving general public, employees and stakeholders. She works with clients in beverages, consumer products, telecoms and industry organizations. Previously she held research positions at consultancies in UK and Australia over 10 years. She is fluent in English and Armenian.

Doug Miller | Chairman

Doug Miller founded GlobeScan in 1987, and has led its expansive growth and its transition to an evidence-based consultancy and engagement firm. A pioneer of global polling, Doug is also a respected practitioner of stakeholder engagement and collaborative action. Recognized as a leading public affairs specialist, he briefs corporate boardrooms and government leaders around the world. He is also President of the newly launched GlobeScan Foundation.

Robin Miller | Manager, Communications and Digital Media

robin m
Robin is responsible for external communications at GlobeScan, helping to disseminate our thought leadership research to media and stakeholder audiences. He manages our online presence and coordinates our regular webinars highlighting findings from our range of research projects. Fluent in English and French, Robin joined GlobeScan in 2010.

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James Morris | Director

James is a member of GlobeScan's Sustainability team, focusing on providing insight and ideas through applied research that helps clients address strategic issues. He works with diverse clients including multinational companies, multilateral development organizations, and nonprofits. James joined GlobeScan in 2009, having previously headed the nonprofit research unit at Ipsos MORI.

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Eve Murray | Executive Administrator

Eve provides senior administrative services and support to our London team. She joined GlobeScan in 2010.

Joanna Nicholls | Director, Global Fieldwork

Joanna leads the management of GlobeScan’s primary research fieldwork. She has 20 years of field management experience in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Joanna also manages GlobeScan’s partnerships with specialized research agencies in 50+ countries, delivering top quality fieldwork to our clients. Joanna joined GlobeScan in 2010, having previously held senior fieldwork management roles at NFO Financial and Research International.

Marie-Solène Prudhomme | Research Analyst

Recently graduated from a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies and having gained experience in qualitative and comparative research and data analysis, Marie joined GlobeScan’s London office in January 2014. Her background is in International Relations and she has previously taken part in marketing, internal and external communications development projects. Marie works with a range of clients on stakeholder engagement, reputation, and sustainability projects. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Shannon Stevenson | External Relations Manager

Shannon is a marketing and brand expert and manages external relations at GlobeScan. Her responsibilities include projecting GlobeScan's thought leadership into the world and supporting the CEO's office. Shannon rejoined GlobeScan in 2013.

Caroline Teng | Senior Project Manager

Caroline is based in GlobeScan’s San Francisco office working with diverse clients on stakeholder intelligence and engagement projects related to reputation, sustainability and corporate brand. Prior to joining GlobeScan in 2014, Caroline was a Senior Program Officer at ICLEI, where she managed a national energy and resource efficiency program. Prior to ICLEI, she was a Strategist at Saatchi & Saatchi S working with Fortune 500 companies and cleantech start-ups on strategic marketing, stakeholder engagement around sustainability, CSR, and social impact.

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Silvia Thompson | Senior Consultant

Silvia is GlobeScan’s Brazilian representative and is a senior consultant with 10 years of international experience in sustainability and stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining GlobeScan, she worked at SustainAbility in Washington DC, where she advised multinational and Brazilian companies across energy, chemical, consumer goods, retail and financial sectors, helping them develop sustainability strategies and improve their relationships with stakeholders. Silvia is based in São Paulo, Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese and English.

Dr. Melaina Vinski | Research Analyst

Melaina is a member of the analytics team at GlobeScan. Holding a Master of Science and a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology, Melaina provides theoretical and statistical insight on measurement design, stakeholder engagement and behaviour change for GlobeScan’s sustainability, reputation and collaboration-focused projects. Melaina has conducted research at several universities in Canada, and has completed research internships at the University of Iceland and the Max Planck Institute of Human Cognitive and Brain Science in Germany.

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Eric Whan | Director

Eric leads GlobeScan’s Sustainability practice. He specializes in sustainability leadership as it relates to consumers and stakeholders. In partnership with the National Geographic Society, Eric directs the Greendex – the largest global study tracking sustainable consumption trends – and directs The GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey, the world’s definitive survey of sustainable development experts. Alongside his work with many Fortune 500 companies globally, Eric recently delivered the Regeneration Roadmap in collaboration with SustainAbility and several corporate partners. Fluent in French and English, Eric joined GlobeScan in 1999.

Peter Paul van de Wijs | Senior Associate

Peter Paul partners with GlobeScan as a reputation and issues management expert with a passion for sustainability. With over 20 years of experience, including 2.5 years as a member of the executive team of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Peter Paul believes that a good understanding of the challenges an organisation faces and smart stakeholder engagement are key enablers for companies willing to unlock the full value of becoming sustainable and build long lasting reputations. Sound research and in-depth analysis of stakeholders and their perceptions form the basis of effective reputation management.

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Crystal Yang | Associate Director, Methodology

Crystal is involved in the technical and data quality aspects of our primary research, including sampling and modeling. She uses methodologies including sequential equation modeling, factor and cluster analysis, regression, and conjoint analysis, to unlock data for insightful interpretation. Fluent in English and Mandarin, Crystal joined GlobeScan in 2011, having previously held senior research positions at TNS China.

Penny Yu | Executive Administrator

Penny provides senior administrative support to all team members. She originally joined GlobeScan in 2002, leaving in 2004 to live in the USA, and returned to the team in 2011. Penny is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

We have built a dynamic team, optimised to solve complex problems for our clients. Our diverse backgrounds and broad range of skills give us the ability to empathise with client organizations and their stakeholders, to craft practical solutions, and to bring innovative ideas to the table.