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M&S Stakeholder Transparency Study - Full Report

M&S Stakeholder Transparency Study - Full Report


24 June 2015 - Full Report from the M&S Stakeholder Transparency Study.

Last year, M&S launched a set of new Plan A Commitments building toward a long-term goal of being a truly sustainable retailer. One of their pillar commitments is “Transparency and Traceability” and the company had committed to consult consumers and stakeholders to identify what information they consider to be important about where and how M&S products are produced.

The M&S Stakeholder Transparency Study conducted by GlobeScan in 2015 aims to fulfil the stakeholder consultation part of their commitment. This study is vital to M&S – it provides the Plan A team with the necessary intelligence that will help them improve the information they make available, which is what they have committed to do by 2020.

This Full Report explores all the research insights and implications for M&S. Click here for the Highlights Report and here for the Online Survey Data Tables. Perrine Bouhana explores the findings in a 3-part blog series.

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