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A number of trends over the last decade have conspired against stakeholder and employee relations as we have known them.

Declining levels of trust in business and government, surging stakeholder expectations and sophistication, and the rising complexity of issues mean that traditional approaches to community and stakeholder relations are not sufficient today. Engaging today’s stakeholders demands approaches that are considerably more innovative.

Around the world, these conditions are giving rise to a groundswell of creativity and ambition, with a major focus on creating the conditions for enduring collaboration across a full set of actors and publics on key goals, policies, and actions. Why? Because no single actor can credibly address the challenges we face.

From Research to Dialogue to Collaboration

Whether your goal is to build trust and project acceptance within a host community, involve stakeholders in a thought-leadership dialogue, or better engage your employees across multiple locations, GlobeScan can deliver you greater success. Our engagement team is particularly experienced with development and sustainability-related initiatives, as well as community-level processes. 

While stakeholder research and “consultation” approaches stop at the sharing of views, truly collaborative approaches include collective deliberation, the development of partnerships, and mobilization toward common purpose.

Successful Engagement

Two decades of diverse experience have taught us the keys to successful engagement: openness and transparency, inclusiveness of all affected or interested parties, accountability for all players, and responsiveness over time.

It has also armed our team with excellent convening, rule-setting, and facilitation skills. GlobeScan applies these principles and skills to unlock the full value from an organization’s stakeholder relationships.

Our Engagement Services

GlobeScan offers a range of bespoke services for clients at any stage of the engagement continuum, including:

  • Employee engagement surveys and facilitated dialogues
  • External stakeholder identification and mapping
  • Community surveys and engagement processes
  • Stakeholder engagement process design and facilitation
  • Engagement training for front-line staff (Download our Collaboration Toolkit brochure)
  • Multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives and partnerships (design and implementation)

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In a highly-connected and transparent world, we understand that evidence and insight are only half the story: that for long-term success and growth, engagement is essential. We work with organizations to connect, mobilize, and enable the panoply of internal and external stakeholders.


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Caroline Holme
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“For me, GlobeScan is fundamentally about connecting organizations with their stakeholders. Through our global research we bring important intelligence to organizations, but perhaps the purest distillation of our mission is the work we do on the ground, facilitating direct interactions between our clients and the people affected by and affecting their organizations. At heart, it’s the simple act of putting people in a room together (whether physically or virtually). But we know that there is an enormous number of success factors when bringing together people with diverse viewpoints. Our goal is to maximize the chances of positive outcomes, and ensure that our clients can take advantage of the opportunities that engagement provides.”