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We believe that trust is the oxygen for sustained corporate success. Elusive and precious, trust is a key corporate asset and a pre-requisite for effective leadership.

Proactive reputation management builds enduring trust. GlobeScan partners with our clients to measure, understand, and enhance their reputations among the stakeholders who are material to their success. Our evidence-led counsel helps to ensure an integrated and aligned corporate reputation strategy.

Creating Value

At GlobeScan, reputation management is about creating tangible business value through strong stakeholder relationships.

Over the past two decades, we have consistently demonstrated that enhanced reputation delivers greater access to talent and capital, improved customer loyalty and market share, enhanced positioning as the “partner of choice,” stronger differentiation, and a secure license to operate and grow.

Best Practice

We believe best practice in reputation management requires:

  • A customized design built around a client’s unique context, history, ambitions, and opportunities
  • A 360-degree stakeholder approach that includes all key constituencies and identifies the paths of influence within and between stakeholder groups
  • A comprehensive understanding of the many drivers of a company’s reputation, including traditional markers of business success and newer drivers related to the company’s societal role
  • Both quantitative and qualitative techniques ensuring insights are fully captured
  • Alignment across the enterprise through the delivery of strategic insights and counsel to important internal functions, including corporate affairs, communications, brand, marketing, sustainability, supply chain, HR, and IR.

Our Reputation Services

GlobeScan offers a range of bespoke services for clients at any stage of the reputation management process, including:

  • Reputation research and tracking
  • Advanced analytical modeling of value outcomes
  • Stakeholder identification and influence mapping
  • Reputation management system development and advisory services
  • Workshops and briefings to integrate insights into strategic planning, communications, and initiative development
  • Scorecard, KPI, and dashboard development

Reputation and Issues Tracking

GlobeScan is a world leader in reputation measurement and management. While most of our work is proprietary and customized for clients, we believe it is important for companies to understand repetitional context of their industry. Our annual research with the global public tracks perceptions of 9 industries and makes for an important starting point for any reputation management journey. Click here to learn more.

Building Resilient Corporate Reputations: A GlobeScan Brief on Reputation Best Practice

Building-Resilient-Corporate-Reputations-GlobeScan-BriefIn order to help organizations achieve the value-driving potential that a fully-evolved reputation system can deliver, we have identified seven best-practice solutions to common challenges and shortcomings of corporate reputation management. From our experience, the seven goals outlined in this brief form the pillars of a robust reputation framework for global companies, leading to greater resiliency in times of crisis and overall corporate success.

Whether you need to begin, to evaluate or to redesign your reputation management system, we believe you will find some good learning here. Please take a moment to register and dowload our brief.

Ahead of the release of the brief, we explored each goal in a series of posts on our blog. Explore the full series here.

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Drawing on 25 years of industry-leading research, analysis, and counsel, we help organizations identify and manage risks and opportunities, enhance their social license to operate, and advise on reputation management strategy.


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Femke de Man
Director, Reputation Practice Lead
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“There are two key lessons I’ve learned from supporting global organizations on their reputation strategy. The first one is that managing reputation should always be an enterprise-wide effort that runs across all functions of an organization. The second is that reputation as a risk management compliance to preserve the company’s licence to trade is simply too restrictive and misses on opportunities. I’m proud of the great work GlobeScan has done to show our clients evidence that strategic reputation management is a fast track to achieve thought leadership status globally and locally.”