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If there were ever a time when business could afford to ignore the world “out there,” that time has long passed. The speed of social change can be dizzying and only organizations that understand and respond to the way that societies are transforming themselves will thrive.

GlobeScan has been tracking trends among stakeholders and the general public across 25 countries for over two decades. From our unparalleled exploration of trends, it is clear the world has changed dramatically and many global management teams are ill equipped to navigate the shifting landscape.

Essential Societal Radar

GlobeScan’s Trends practice draws from the largest proprietary tracking system in existence to help client organizations stay “ahead of the curve” by delivering deep insight briefings based on twice-yearly global public opinion and stakeholder surveys.

This GlobeScan Radar Program involves interviews with nearly fifty thousand citizens across five continents each year and thousands of experts and stakeholders. Together with our ongoing public-domain polling for the BBC World Service, GlobeScan delivers crisp strategic briefings to our clients, focusing on trends, insights and ideas that help them manage issues and reputation, target their communications, and select leadership initiatives.

Adding custom, proprietary questions to GlobeScan Radar in select countries is a cost-effective way to obtain high-value metrics on issues directly relevant to your business. The business and society framework for the survey is ideal for gathering thoughtful insights related to reputation, corporate responsibility and sustainability. Read more about our GlobeScan Radar Omnibus program

Predictive Stakeholder Insights

Given the vital importance of sustainability and corporate citizenship to many of our clients, we have developed the largest global panel of sustainability experts and stakeholders in collaboration with SustainAbility.

The resulting The GlobeScan / SustainAbility Survey is a powerful predictive tool to help understand and anticipate the emerging sustainable development agenda.

Our trend services include:

  • Membership in our Radar global insight program, providing briefings, reports, and customization for clients’ objectives
  • One-off custom briefings on key issues or geographies
  • Customized data mining of the extensive GlobeScan tracking database to deliver evidence and deep insight to decisionmakers
  • Targeted issues research with the public in up to 25 markets using the Radar omnibus platform
  • Advocacy-focused primary research with the public or stakeholders to support campaigns or media engagement
  • Development of bespoke panels to track issues and trends for client-specific stakeholders
  • Consulting and advice to clients to support their thought-leadership ambitions

Reputation and Issues Tracking

GlobeScan is a world leader in reputation measurement and management. While most of our work is proprietary and customized for clients, we believe it is important for companies to understand repetitional context of their industry. Our annual research with the global public tracks perceptions of 9 industries and makes for an important starting point for any reputation management journey. Click here to learn more.

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Context is everything, and we have developed global platforms that track consumer and stakeholder trends that matter. We have the largest longitudinal databases in the world, providing unparalleled corporate radar for clients intent on understanding the world and their place in it. Our dedicated insights, briefings, and experience around business, society, and the environment allow us to keep clients ahead of the curve.


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"GlobeScan is unique in the ability we have to draw on a wealth of insights from two decades' worth of tracking global trends in public and stakeholder opinion in our work for our clients. We talk to tens of thousands of global citizens each year to understand how people's attitudes and beliefs - towards business in society, and towards the world around us – are evolving year on year. It means that the advice we give our clients is grounded in a strong sense of the way the world is moving, and helps us always to see the broader picture."