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Blog posts tagged “Blog Series - M&S Stakeholder Transparency Study”
This is the last blog post of a series of three uncovering key insights from the recent stakeholder study on transparency that GlobeScan conducted for Marks & Spencer (M&S).  After defining what corporate transparency really means and assessing the state of corporate performance in this area, we are now closing our blog series with a deep dive into M&S’ response to the survey findings. Here are three ways in which M&S is using stakeholder feedback to improve its transparency: 1. Bringing...
Following our first blog post in which we drew on the Marks & Spencer (M&S) Stakeholder Transparency Study findings to define what transparency really is, we are now delving deeper into the stakeholder findings to assess how transparent large companies are perceived to be today. There is a strong business case for corporate transparency. Benefits of transparency clearly outweigh the risks. When asked to list them, online survey respondents cited nearly one-third more benefits than risks. In today’s wired world, failing...
We recently had the opportunity to conduct a stakeholder study on transparency for the Plan A team at Marks & Spencer (M&S). Combining an online survey with global stakeholders and a series of in-depth interviews with a selected group of experts, the study aimed to identify stakeholder expectations on transparency and help M&S prioritise its transparency efforts. In this first of a series of three short blogposts, we are drawing on the survey findings to define the notion of transparency. Transparency...

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