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A number of recent media reports, including in The Economist and Financial Times, have raised the subject of the declining state of our democracy. Some have likened recent actions by so-called “established democracies” as resembling those of autocratic states – such as the recent banning of social media in Turkey and the US government’s blanket on-line surveillance of citizens worldwide. How have all these news reports affected people’s sense of freedom and democracy in this post-Snowden age? Is there a...
Last week, my colleague, Abbie Curtis, and I enjoyed a fantastic couple of days at Sustainable Brands London. Monday started with insights on declining trust in brands and the rise of feminine values, and Tuesday ended with lessons for intrapreneurs and how to be a successful change agent. There was an abundance of research, advice and case studies in between. I've just selected 3 lessons for organizations that are trying to cement their position as sustainable brands. These stood out for...
The media is one of the institutions that has suffered the greatest decline in public trust over recent years, according to GlobeScan’s long-term tracking. One country where trust in the fourth estate has been in particularly short supply is the UK, and events this week have placed the media’s problems firmly back in the spotlight. Public outcry was sparked by revelations 18 months ago that a major British tabloid, the News of the World, had hacked the voice-mail of murdered teenager...

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