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August 12, 2002
American Public Support for Greater Regulatory Oversight of the Economy Is Up Sharply
Environics International’s latest survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted between July 8-17 2002, reveals a dramatic increase in support for greater regulatory oversight of the economy.

The current outbreak of corporate scandals is causing Americans to redefine the role of government in managing the economy. In fact, this new role much more closely resembles the prevalent European public attitude towards regulation of the private sector than American attitudes of only a few months ago.

To determine the extent to which these events have increased pressure for heightened regulation of the economy, Environics asked Americans whether they agree or disagree that the free enterprise system and the free market economy work best in society’s interest when accompanied by strong government regulations. Nearly seven in ten people (67%) now agree that the free market economy works best when strongly regulated, compared to five in ten (50%) in November 2001 when this question was first asked as part of Environics’ Global Issues Monitor survey.

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