October, 2009

GlobeScan/BSR State of Sustainable Business Poll 2009

For a snapshot on the state of sustainable business, take a look at our brief report from the GlobeScan/BSR survey of nearly 300 business leaders at the BSR Conference 2009.

Highlights include:
  • Climate change tops the list of “very significant” priorities in the next 12 months, followed by human rights and workers’ rights.
  • Companies should take two key actions to rebuild the public’s trust in business: demonstrate positive social and environmental impacts and innovate for sustainability.
  • Those surveyed are increasingly optimistic that sustainability will be a core part of business strategy in the years ahead.
  • Nearly nine out of ten people said their companies’ sustainability budgets would stay the same or increase next year.
  • Most companies either measure the ROI of sustainability efforts or plan to do so soon.

Download the presentation to get detailed results and
graphics on these and other issues
(pdf 800k).