GlobeScan Launches International Climate Survey

June 13, 2007

GlobeScan is pleased to announce its 2007 global public opinion survey on climate change. With many people believing that we have reached the tipping point on climate change, the general public will likely have significant influence on government policies, regulations, technology choices, and markets.

GlobeScan’s Climate Change Monitor will be based on robust, trackable public opinion research conducted in 20 key markets around the world.

Survey Topics

  • Awareness of Climate Change
  • Cause of Climate Change / Role of Humans
  • Greatest Concern about Climate Change
  • The Need to Act
  • Sense of Personal Threat
  • Expected Roles of Developed and Developing Countries
  • Economic Implications
  • Rating 14 Industry Sectors on Impact on Climate Change
  • Rating 14 Industry Sectors on Efforts to Address Climate Change
  • Individual Empowerment
  • Role of Technology Innovation
  • Climate Change Segmentation Analysis
  • Necessity and Readiness for Behavioral Change
  • Individuals’ Recent Actions to Address Climate Change
  • Climate Policy: Carbon Taxes and Emission Limits

Benefits & Deliverables

The principal benefit of this research is gaining a competitive advantage based on a comprehensive understanding of how the climate change agenda will unfold. Companies that deeply understand the public’s attitudes on climate change can leverage these insights into making smart and timely decisions on risk management, energy issues, products, and communications.

Clients will receive a customized briefing that will inform their climate strategy as well as an interpretive Executive Report.

Methodology and Timing

The 2007 Climate Change survey is being conducted in June-July of 2007 using face-to-face or telephone interviews with representative samples of approximately 1,000 citizens in each of the 20 countries. Presentations and reports will be available to clients in November.

Countries Surveyed

For more information on the Climate Change Monitor, please contact:

Rob Kerr, Vice President
tel: +1 (416) 969-3086

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