December 12, 2003
People are increasingly pessimistic about the impact that environmental problems will have on the health of future generations
  GlobesScan’s most recent International Environmental Monitor survey of 21,584 people in 20 countries reveals that fully two-thirds of people in the G20 countries surveyed expect that environmental problems will affect the health of future generations “a great deal,” an increase of eight points from 1999 levels. This sharp increase has occurred despite other GlobeScan research showing lower public interest in the environment and growing concern about economic conditions, war, security, and the behavior of large companies. The finding suggests an environmentally worried, but highly pre-occupied global public mood.

Percentages of respondents linking environmental problems with the health of future generations have increased across a mix of wealthy and poor countries, but are consistently higher in populous, low GDP per capita countries such as China, India, and Brazil. Here, people are not only pessimistic about the future, but believe that current environmental problems are having the most negative impact on their health today.*

Strategically, large companies operating in these regions will want to be seen as part of the solution to improving the health of not only their local workforces and families, but of the population as a whole. Since both economic and health-related environmental concerns are high in such places, the interests of both citizens and companies will be aligned where investment has the potential to benefit not only the economy, but the environment and public health as well.

*Please see the 2003 International Environmental Monitor.

The 2003 International Environmental Monitor survey was conducted between May and October 2003 using face-to-face or telephone interviews with approximately 1,000 respondents in each country. At the country level, results are considered accurate to within ±3.1 percent, 19 times in 20. The full report will be available to subscribers in December 2003.

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