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C&A Foundation and GlobeScan to Host SDG Leadership Forum on the Circular Economy (Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production)

SDG Leadership Forum Goal 12
SDG Leadership Series
Perrine Bouhana

Join us for the SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 12 on Wednesday 12th September 2018.

As part of our ongoing series of online dialogues, the SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption & Production) offers an opportunity to explore how we can accelerate our transition to a circular economy – at pace and scale – in and outside the fashion industry.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation describes this imperative well:

“For the fashion industry to thrive in the future we must replace the take-make-dispose model, which is worn out. We need a circular economy for fashion in which clothes are kept at their highest value and designed from the outset to never end up as waste. By joining forces to Make Fashion Circular we can harness the creativity and innovation that is at the heart of this USD 1.3 trillion industry to create a system that delivers benefits for everyone.”

In this live, online, text-based discussion, hosted by C&A Foundation and GlobeScan, we will drill down on key issues, identify challenges and roadblocks, and explore innovative solutions to accelerate the transition to the circular economy.

We will learn from each other, inspire fresh thinking and share best practice examples to turn ideas into actions in two key areas:

Scaling up the shift towards circular production in fashion and beyond:

  • Exploring ways to scale the adoption of new business models and fast-track innovation and collaboration at the circular production level.

Mainstreaming circular consumption with the sharing economy:

  • Discussing how technology, the sharing economy and collaborative consumption can be better leveraged to close the circular consumption loop.

Note: There will be two sessions (covering these two topics) to facilitate participation from around the world:

  • The first session (Europe / Asia) will run from 10:00am – 12:00pm GMT
  • The second session (North America) will run from 11:00am – 1:00pm EST

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