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GlobeScan conducted 900 interviews with ADB’s stakeholders across 31 countries, many of which are challenging geographies for stakeholder research. The research was designed in close collaboration with ADB. More details on the methodology can be found here (PDF).


Through the assessment of stakeholder perspectives on how ADB can be even more effective in its mission, GlobeScan was able to provide guidance on issues of importance by stakeholder group and by region. This targeted insight has supported ADB in its stakeholder engagement and communications strategy. The engagement ended with a management workshop to help advise ADB on how it can continuously improve its impact.


One application of the stakeholder research has been the development of KPIs for ADB as it continues to evaluate its performance. The research also been used to report back to government members as an accountability tool. ADB took the step to fully publish the stakeholder research report.



“ADB’s commitment to independent feedback from its stakeholders is highly commendable. We are very proud to be working with ADB as it continues to create economic and development impact across Asia.”

Femke de Man