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GlobeScan consulted with Amnesty’s stakeholders globally on several positioning concepts to provide recommendations on the strongest direction for the global brand identity. We designed and implemented a consultation program involving focus groups in countries across the global north and south. We used creative stimulus material and a host of qualitative techniques to extract insight and to vet various brand concepts.


GlobeScan identified the opportunities and challenges in terms of how to modernize, change attitudes toward, and deepen Amnesty’s connection with new constituencies. Through extensive debriefs with key managers and Amnesty’s creative agency, we integrated these insights into the development of a revised brand identity.


GlobeScan’s insights directly informed Amnesty’s new global positioning, launched during the organization’s 50th anniversary in 2011: “Together for Human Rights, United against Injustice.” Our ideas for Amnesty as a modern movement continue to have impact on global strategy.



“It was a remarkable experience to work on this exciting project at such a crucial point in Amnesty’s development. Unity against injustice is a truly inspiring brand purpose for the next 50 years.”

Caroline Holme


“We worked with GlobeScan during a key stage of our brand development work in the build-up to our 50th Anniversary. The company conducted field research and stakeholder analysis in several countries around the world, which we used as the basis for further work on the development of our global proposition. GlobeScan's expertise and professionalism were a major contributor to the successful development of this project and the team were supportive and creative partners in the process.”

Sara Wilbourne
Campaigns and Communications Directorate