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In partnership with BBC World Service, GlobeScan conducts news agenda-driven polling questions twice a year to representative samples of adults in over 20 countries, interviewing nearly 50,000 people in the process. Recent polls have addressed issues such as the public’s views on the free market economic system, the war in Afghanistan, the role of the internet in people’s lives, nuclear power and the influence of different countries around the world.


GlobeScan works closely with the senior editorial staff at BBC World Service to identify newsworthy topics on which a global public perspective will be of interest, timed to tie in with major news events or with landmark seasons of BBC World Service programming. We also contribute to editorial discussions around the news lines emerging from the polling, develop news releases, provide interpretive commentary on the findings, and participate in media interviews with the BBC and other media outlets about the survey findings once the poll is released.


As well as helping to engage audiences in the BBC programming and online content they inform, the polls make a major contribution to global policy debates, having been quoted by Chatham House and President Obama. The international nature of the issues covered and the extensive global media pickup of the poll findings help to grow BBC World Service’s global brand.



“The BBC’s global reach, values and news agenda make it a perfect partner for GlobeScan. In being able to reach the hundreds of millions of people who use the BBC each week with the global polls on which we collaborate, we feel that we’re making a real contribution to public debate, and helping people around the world to understand each other better.”

Lionel Bellier
Associate Director

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“We have worked with GlobeScan for over five years and have been very happy with the relationship. The responsiveness of their team and their patience at working with a complex organization really sets them apart from the competition.”

Anne Koch
Deputy Director (2007-2011)