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The BSR/GlobeScan State of Sustainable Business Survey, an annual survey of corporate responsibility professionals across BSR’s membership, informs BSR's annual conference and the business community on the latest trends and opportunities identified by engaged executive. Between 400 and 500 respondents are surveyed and the results are tracked to monitor key trends in business.


GlobeScan works closely with BSR to identify topical areas to explore in the annual survey. Together, we promote the results and participate in media interviews about the survey findings once the poll is released at BSR’s annual conference. In 2011 we also conducted in-depth interviews with senior thought leaders to understand their perspectives on Sustainability Leadership.


The research is used to provide context at BSR’s annual conference, inform debate, and provide thought leadership for BSR through its membership and in the media. It is an important tool to measure the prevailing trends in perceptions of corporate responsibility and sustainability professionals, and provides an opportunity to get a read on material and emerging topics from this important and influential group.



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“BSR and GlobeScan are natural partners in the work both organizations do helping business address sustainability challenges. We are proud to work with colleagues at BSR each year and contribute to their annual conference. We believe that tracking the views of the professionals in their member organizations plays an important role in the transition to sustainable business.”

James Morris
Associate Director



“The State of Sustainable Business Poll has been very useful in providing both strategic context for the content we present at the annual BSR Conference, and a quantitative understanding of the shifting landscape of sustainable business. We greatly value our partnership with GlobeScan.”

Aron Cramer
President and CEO