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GlobeScan collaborated with National Geographic’s in-house sustainability experts and more prominent practitioners worldwide to identify consumption behaviours with the most positive and negative environmental implications. These insights informed the design of a quantitative survey instrument that, now in its fourth wave, measures, compares and tracks sustainable consumer behaviour across 17 countries.


GlobeScan and National Geographic built on our consultation with experts to select 65 discrete behavioural inputs to create the Greendex—a weighted algorithm that calculates consumer impacts within the categories of housing, transportation, food and consumer goods. We corroborated the output of the survey-based index by mapping it to empirical data collected by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Now in its fourth year, GlobeScan analyses the output for distribution through a dedicated National Geographic website, international media and several speaking engagements annually.


The Greendex empowers consumers globally on sustainable consumption by providing them with feedback on theirs and their compatriots’ consumption patterns. GlobeScan’s work directly supports National Geographic’s mission of inspiring people to care about the planet while positioning it as a thought leader not only on nature but on human behaviour. The Greendex has become an authoritative global measurement tool to assess progress across major economies on sustainable consumption and behaviour change.



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WORKING WITH national geographic

“Our work with National Geographic on the Greendex generates one of our most in-demand outputs. From far and wide I receive requests for republication, advice to companies that are advancing their sustainability strategies, and for use of the Greendex in academic and educational endeavors. Our productive partnership with National Geographic creates knowledge that is applied worldwide.”

Eric Whan



“Right from the beginning, it has been a joy to work with GlobeScan. They cover the basics impeccably. But what my team really appreciates is GlobeScan’s depth of expertise on sustainability, their insightful and creative thinking, and their commitment to our partnership.”

Susan White Frazier
Research Manager