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GlobeScan has been tracking public views and behaviours as they relate to business and society globally since 1999. The Radar Research Program gives access to quantitative trending data from two global surveys annually, along with strategic counsel, briefings, and advisory support related to reputation, brand positioning, sustainability, stakeholder engagement and trend analysis.


Through a number of strategic briefings and workshops over the course of a few years, GlobeScan provided rich insights to help guide PepsiCo’s strategic planning across a number of functions, and helped develop a business case for the importance of social purpose for the enterprise going forward.


A targeted number of metrics quantifying global public expectations for business were shared in a working session with PepsiCo’s CEO to help inform the company’s strategic direction.

chris c


“One of the more exciting elements of applying our global societal trend data to client strategy is how this research helps to unlock perspectives and ideas. We are thrilled that our research played a role in cementing Indra Nooyi’s instincts around Performance with Purpose, and enjoy facilitating similar experiences with clients each year.”

Chris Coulter



“We've had a long history with GlobeScan and I credit their survey data with providing the pivotal point for us to complete our compelling business case for Performance with Purpose. They continue to do remarkable work, and as I travel the world 'Evangelizing' the PepsiCo story my references to myriad GlobeScan data resonate strongly with mixed stakeholder audiences.”

Dan Bena
Director, Sustainable Development