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GlobeScan identified and surveyed potential employees in Rio Tinto’s key markets, each with a profile in line with Rio Tinto’s talent needs. We asked about the characteristics of the “ideal” employer, reactions to concepts related to Rio Tinto’s positioning as an employer, and respondents’ preferred channels for seeking employment.


While one concept emerged as the clear “winner,” GlobeScan identified elements of the others that were also highly valued, and suggested specific ways to incorporate these elements in the “winning” concept to make it stronger still. We also explored reactions by audience and found that a few groups had unique perspectives, requiring communications tailored to their needs to ensure resonance.


Rio Tinto will adopt an enhanced version of the “winning” positioning in markets for recruiting campaigns and other communications. Rio Tinto’s future recruiting campaigns, drawing on GlobeScan evidence and ideas, will deliver optimal value in meeting Rio Tinto’s talent needs for years to come.


WORKING WITH rio tinto...

“Attracting new talent is an absolutely strategic imperative for the mining industry. Working with Rio Tinto to better understand the motivations and aspirations of potential employees was a fascinating project.”

Femke de Man


“The partnership with GlobeScan has been very valuable as we better articulate our value proposition to current and potential employees, as well as to external stakeholders. The GlobeScan Team's ability to engage with the right stakeholders in the right way, and provide insightful counsel, has helped us better define 'what we stand for."

Luke Tsang
Senior Adviser, Corporate Communications and Branding