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GlobeScan’s consultation with a wide range of stakeholders—consumers, policy makers, NGOs, media, and employees—in the company’s markets is the building block to understanding the company’s reputation footprint and to inform stakeholder engagement planning, communications and issues management. A quantitative method and advanced modelling techniques help to measure outcomes of proactive reputation management and to assess opportunities for sustaining the company’s licence to operate and ongoing success.


Delivered through interactive workshops with management, GlobeScan’s research-driven recommendations help the SABMiller country teams to prioritize stakeholder engagement and develop communications initiatives that align with the company’s strategic goals and fit with local conditions. This systemic approach has led SABMiller to be a recognized global leader in reputation management.


GlobeScan’s recommendations directly inform the company’s planning process and help to track progress on a series of reputation KPIs across the business. At the global level, it provides a reading on global trends that affect the business as well as indicators on future strategic resources and priorities for risk management, brand positioning and stakeholder engagement.



“Partnering with a global company as sophisticated on reputation management as SABMiller is extremely satisfying. Our team is committed to applying both the most advanced analytical techniques and most incisive counsel to deliver the strategic insights management require.”

Christophe Guibeleguiet



“We have worked with GlobeScan for the past five years measuring our global reputation. Their level of analysis and ability to extract insights has enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of both our global reputation and our licence to trade. Their willingness to go the extra mile and provide added value to our research has made them a valued business partner.”

Michael Farr
Head of Reputation and Communications