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GlobeScan conducted a series of consultations with different stakeholder groups across the five Vodacom Group markets – South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, Tanzania, and the DRC. This enabled us to assess Vodacom’s reputational strengths and weaknesses and to identify opportunities for enhancing them through leadership positioning against competitors. It also helped to measure the impact that engagement and communication initiatives have on brand perceptions.


While the findings clearly showed reputation assets for the group across the region, we identified areas for thought leadership enhancement in the respective markets on which local management teams could build. We also outlined how Vodacom could prioritize engagement initiatives with selective stakeholder groups.


This instrument offered a unique reading on stakeholder’s perceptions of the group’s reputation and risk assessment. Both the group’s Executive Committee and local market management teams find it an essential management tool for driving the agenda with stakeholders and measuring performance on key priority actions moving forward.


WORKING WITH vodacom...

“Vodacom is an excellent example of a leading company that recognizes the value of proactive stakeholder engagement and the important role it can play in achieving strategic business objectives.”

Anneke Greyling





“Vodacom is focused on improving engagements with all its stakeholders. [The] key to meaningful engagement is understanding their perceptions of us and concerns they have. In GlobeScan, we found a partner that brings expertise to measuring and analyzing stakeholders’ feedback, concisely identifying issues and concerns that we need to prioritize and manage more effectively.”

Tshepo Ramodibe
Chief Officer of Corporate Affairs