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The world is becoming increasingly dynamic, volatile and uncertain – in terms of the volume of issues, the complexity of these issues, and the rate at which these issues are changing…

Find out how GlobeScan can help companies, multilateral organizations and NGOs navigate this shifting and challenging landscape:

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GlobeScan is an evidence-led strategy consultancy.

Stakeholder intelligence and engagement is our integrated methodology to help clients understand, measure and build trust with their stakeholder networks.

We offer a suite of specialist research and advisory services to meet strategic objectives across three distinct but interconnected areas: Reputation; Sustainability; and Purpose.

We believe that a strong reputation, effective sustainability strategy and a clear purpose are all critical elements to help organizations better redefine what it means to be in business today.

The importance of trust

Volatility and uncertainty define the landscape today for all organizations – for-profit, non-profit and multi-laterals. Making sense of, preparing for, and capitalising on this complexity is an imperative for any organization today.

But the challenge is more complex still. Trust – the oxygen for all social exchanges – is in increasingly short supply. Without trust, the agility and innovation needed within organizations can turn into silo’d thinking and disjointed responses.

Here at GlobeScan, we understand trust – the opportunities it creates and the responsibilities it carries. 


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GlobeScan is an evidence-led strategy consultancy focused on stakeholder intelligence and engagement.

Offering a suite of specialist research and advisory services, GlobeScan partners with clients to meet strategic objectives across reputation, sustainability and purpose.

GlobeScan’s overarching purpose is to help our clients redefine what it means to be in business.

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