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Assessing Public Support For Regulation For Fairer Trading Practices

Assessing Public Support For Regulation For Fairer Trading Practices

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17 August 2016 - Full report from a GlobeScan/Fairtrade Foundation survey of British consumers.

The key objective of the survey was to assess whether strengthening the UK’s regulatory framework would be welcomed by the majority of UK consumers who want fairly traded, sustainable food and are at risk from the long-term impacts of unfair and unsustainable trade. This was achieved by looking at:

  • Awareness amongst consumers regarding the risks to the sustainability of food which is linked to low prices
  • Consumer desire for farmers to receive fair prices and willingness to pay more for their goods to ensure the sustainability and availability of their food for the future
  • Levels of concern about the conditions faced by those who produce food and how this would affect buying behaviour
  • Desire for government to do more to protect producers and ensure sustainability in food supply chains

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