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Metropolitan Infrastructure Sustainability Study

Metropolitan Infrastructure Sustainability Study

12 June 2009 - The Metropolitan Infrastructure Sustainability Study was prepared for the U.S. Conference of Mayors conducted by Siemens and Globescan.

The US's infrastructure, including transit, streets and highways, aviation, energy, and water systems, is the backbone of their economy. The U.S. will not be economically competitive in the future global marketplace if they fail to invest in their infrastructure, especially systems in their cities and metropolitan areas which underpin so much of the nation’s current economic output. 

Specifically, the survey sought information on: (1) the most serious infra-structure challenge facing cities; (2) how infrastructure budgets are being affected by the global economic crisis; (3) stimulus infrastructure priorities; (4) obstacles to implementing climate change mitigation measures;(5) promising technologies for reducing the impact of infrastructure on climate change; (6) measures to help adapt to the impacts of climate change; and (7) improving sustainable infrastructure investments through metropolitan planning and decision-making.

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