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Women, Sanitation, and Security

Women, Sanitation, and Security

Women Sanitation and Security Report and Findings  WaterAid GlobeScan Nov2012

17 November 2012 - WaterAid commissioned GlobeScan to conduct a survey of women in Nigeria relating to access to sanitation and levels of concern around violence and intimidation towards women in this context, in order to inform WaterAid’s media outreach and campaigning work around World Toilet Day 2012. The poll was conducted between the 18th and 22nd of October 2012, using purposive sampling among a sample of 500 female adults (18-54). Face-to-face interviews were conducted in the urban slums of Ajegunle, Ijora Badia, Oko Agbon, and Otto-Oyingbo, in and around Lagos, Nigeria.


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