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GlobeScan’s stakeholder intelligence and engagement process informs our clients’ overall strategy across three distinct, but clearly inter-connected areas:

Reputation     |     Sustainability     |     Purpose

A strong reputation, effective sustainability strategy and a clear purpose are all critical elements to help organizations better redefine what it means to be in business today.




Across each practice area we offer a host of intelligence and strategy services and tools.

And to complement these, we can include our range of stakeholder engagement services.

In partnership with GlobeScan, organizations can systematically build, maintain and evolve what we describe as three distinct sources of equity: brand equity, reputation equity and employee equity. 




We believe that successful organizations need to build high, balanced levels of equity across these three domains. Each type of equity delivers distinct long-term value to an organization across the stakeholder network. From increased customer and supplier loyalty, to opportunities for partnership and influence, to preparedness for external events, to greater employee engagement and attractiveness to talent.

Together, these areas combine to define what thick trust represents today. And together these three areas signal what it means for any organization to be in business today and to thrive in the long-term.


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GlobeScan specializes in the development and application of evidence-led counsel. We combine a rigorous understanding of the global context with a commitment to forging value-creating stakeholder relationships for our clients at the nexus of reputation, sustainability and purpose.