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GlobeScan, an insights and strategy consultancy, is focused on helping our clients build long-term trusting relationships with their stakeholders. We offer a suite of specialist research and advisory services to meet our clients’ strategic objectives across reputation, sustainability and purpose.

In addition to the proprietary work we do for our clients in business, NGOs and governmental organizations, GlobeScan produces a great deal of published research, analysis and reporting on some of the most important issues facing the world. We view this as part of our contribution to creating the change required to build a better future.

Find featured content on a variety of thematic topics below: Purpose, Reputation, Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement, Consumer Engagement, and Leadership.

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Consumers and stakeholders are looking for more purposeful brands and organizations to help create more meaning and impact across the world – we are living in a Purpose-Driven Era. GlobeScan is a keen partner for designing, developing and tracking purpose.

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Maintaining a social license to operate today and creating new opportunities tomorrow requires building more trust among your stakeholders, and anticipating and responding to shifting expectations and emerging issues.

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GlobeScan produces resources to provide corporate leaders with the inspiration, insight and counsel they need to fully embrace the opportunities and challenges of sustainable business.

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Stakeholder Engagement

GlobeScan designs and facilitates stakeholder engagement strategies and tactics to create more value with your stakeholders, including convenings, online and offline collaborations, webinars, advisory panels and thought leadership development.

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Consumer Engagement

Explore current understanding, concerns, expectations and opportunities to engage consumers in emerging areas of healthy & sustainable living, sustainability marketing, behavior change and mobilization.

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Leadership is in flux around the world and GlobeScan focuses deeply on the expectations and pathways for building trusted and recognized leadership in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

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