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Webinar Recap | Driving Change: A Conversation with Unilever on Creating a New Way of Doing Business

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Their conversation explored where Unilever has come from, where the company is now and the future of sustainable business including the challenges and successes encountered along the way. They took a close look at the future of corporate leadership and what companies should be doing to keep their organizations ahead of the curve.

Via the links below you can explore the presentation slides and full recording, or view individual clips of each of the twelve main topics explored in the webinar:

Watch the full recording:

Watch individual clips by topic (video length in brackets):

Q1: Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (4:33)

Q2: Biggest challenges around Unilever's goals and objectives (2:21)

Q3: The business case for sustainability (4:31)

Q4: Engaging investors around sustainability (3:03)

Q5: Integrating purpose into brands (3:57)

Q6: Unilever's acquisitions of purposeful brands (2:19)

Q7: Engaging consumers around sustainability (3:12)

Q8: Messaging and partnerships (3:10)

Q9: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (2:35) 

Q10: Making progress in a challenging social and political environment (3:07)

Q11: Why more companies aren't following the Unilever model (2:38)

Q12: Maintaining a commitment to sustainability (2:39)


Download the presentation slides


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  • andrew j campbell 02 November 2017

    Astonished that such an informative, frank and valuable presentation gains no 'comments' - I wonder how many people in Unilever have heard this recording?
    By way of a 'thank you' this may be interesting from a systems perspective -written in 1982 it could perhaps be published tomorrow as trustworthy 'news'

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Guest 17 November 2017

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