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The final blog in our series on stakeholder engagement (part 1 | part 2) looks at the psychosocial factors that underlie group brain storming, and why collaborative forums are emerging as an effective tool for business. We know that collaboration between individuals is particularly effective when attempting to generate unique and constructive solutions to problems. Group brainstorming has been shown to produce more high quality and relevant ideas compared to individual efforts1, 2. Exposure to others’ ideas has been shown...

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We’re starting this week’s blog with a brief history of stakeholder engagement on corporate responsibility. Looking back to the eighties, corporate stakeholder engagement on sustainability was initially oriented towards governments and environmental compliance. Push-back on infrastructure and development from communities was the main catalyst for public consultations, which were largely local, box-ticking exercises. As we moved into the 1990s, the rise of a more empowered civil society culminated with the Battle of Seattle protests at the WTO meeting as the century...

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The first blog in our series on stakeholder engagement starts with the basics – why does stakeholder engagement matter? We’ve identified three key trends that help answer this question and give direction on how business can gain more value from stakeholder relations. First, companies are having to manage the rapidly changing dynamics of the relationship between business and society. They are being increasingly compelled to engage in dialogue and collaborate with their stakeholders, rather than simply communicating to them. While...

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