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The rise of social media has been quick, powerful and unprecedented. It has torn through the fabric of our global society and continues to redefine the way we understand the world, with its magnetism holding our minds hostage in a seemingly perpetual desire for more. What makes social media such an irresistible force? The answer lies in our inherent need to connect and conform to those around us. For the first time in human history, we have gained the ability...
A number of recent media reports, including in The Economist and Financial Times, have raised the subject of the declining state of our democracy. Some have likened recent actions by so-called “established democracies” as resembling those of autocratic states – such as the recent banning of social media in Turkey and the US government’s blanket on-line surveillance of citizens worldwide. How have all these news reports affected people’s sense of freedom and democracy in this post-Snowden age? Is there a...
In the past few years the internet has become a widely used tool for Chinese people to access information that would otherwise not be available, such as critical information about the government, but also for consumers to learn about the social and environmental responsibility of companies. In response to the banning of global social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Chinese internet users have instead developed their own widely used platforms for social networking and microblogging. China now boasts...

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