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GlobeScan works across a wide range of industry sectors, managing issues and reputation on behalf of our global clients. The strategic counsel that we provide to them is underpinned not only by the fully customised studies we undertake for each client, but also by a unique database of sector intelligence, drawn from our ongoing studies of global public attitudes towards business in society and updated each year. Across fourteen sectors (which we highlight below: AutomotiveBankingBeerChemical, Clothing, ElectricityFood, IT, Media and EntertainmentMiningOil and Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Supermarkets, and Telecommunications), we track the perceived CSR Reputation performance for each industry. 

Current Context

Our 2013 wave of societal trend research across 23 countries shows that consumers rate the technology and food sectors most highly on overall CSR performance compared to companies in other sectors. Unsurprisingly, industries with products that can affect public health, as well as those associated with negative environmental impacts, are perceived to have the lowest CSR performance. A significant proportion of people give average ratings to each of the sectors, suggesting that public awareness may be low, and that there is room for sector reputations to improve or worsen. There is also significant regional variability; countries in Africa and parts of Asia, as well as displaying higher trust towards the corporate world in general, tend to rate the various industries highly on social responsibility, while many parts of the developed world give more negative scores overall.


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Sample Sector Intelligence

Below, we summarise some of the key learnings from our 2013 sectoral tracking, and what our findings mean for each industry. 

Automotive Industry's CSR Reputation

The automotive industry’s perceived CSR performance ranks in the middle relative to other industries in 2013. Perceptions of the industry have fallen slightly since 2011 and show an overall decline since 2001, as global views have not fully recovered from the low reached during the economic downturn. Declining views may also be attributed to increasing awareness of the environmental implications of car travel.

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Banking Industry's CSR Reputation

Relative to other industries, the banking industry’s CSR efforts are seen as middle ranking. Whilst lagging the technology and food industries, it outperforms the auto and alcohol industries. However, regional variations apply. The industry’s CSR efforts are most lauded in emerging markets like China and India. Perhaps unsurprisingly, countries such as Greece and the UK, where the industry is blamed for its role in recent economic troubles, view the banking industry as deeply irresponsible.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Beer Industry's CSR Reputation

The beer industry is seen as being among the worse CSR performers and its net performance is seen as having declined since 2011. Nowhere is the beer industry seen as the top performer on CSR. Unprompted, six per cent of respondents said they wanted to see the products from the alcohol industry become more socially responsible. This is half the number who said the same thing about the most-often cited industry, processed food.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Chemical Industry's CSR Reputation

The chemical industry is rated by the global public as the second worst performer on CSR.  Since 2011 its CSR performance is viewed as having deteriorated. When the industry’s perceived CSR performance is examined at a country level we see that the industry is usually ranked as among the worse CSR performers.

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Clothing Industry's CSR Reputation

Though the clothing industry’s CSR performance is viewed as middling, its net performance rating has fallen since 2011, continuing a long term decline. In no country is the clothing industry the top ranked CSR performer, though perceptions do vary widely across countries.

Read our full report to learn more:

rsz globescan radar2013 clothing reputation report cover

Electricity Industry's CSR Reputation

The electricity industry’s CSR performance is middle ranked compared to others. Views have stabilised in 2013, in contrast to previous years, when impressions became worse. Rising numbers of people, unprompted, say they would like to see more socially responsible energy available.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Food Industry's CSR Reputation

The CSR performance of the food industry is generally well regarded compared to other industries, and throughout Latin America is seen as the most responsible industry. However, regional variations exist, and in the developed world the industry’s CSR performance is seen as much weaker and often negative. European nations best exemplify this trend, where the horse meat scandal appears to have intensified existing distrust of food companies. Since 2011 the industry’s CSR performance has dropped sharply in France, Germany, and the UK.

Read our full report to learn more:

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IT/Tech Industry's CSR Reputation

The IT industry remains the best regarded in terms of public perceptions of its CSR performance, though in common with many other sectors, perceptions are declining and remain well below peak. Consumers in developing countries generally view the IT industry more positively than do consumers in developed countries, although views are net positive in all countries except Argentina, France, Peru, and Brazil. Indians and Indonesians are the most positive about the CSR performance of the IT industry.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Media and Entertainment Industry's CSR Reputation

The media and entertainment industry’s CSR performance is viewed relatively positively by the global public compared to other industries. Only one in five people have a negative perception of the industry. It is the top ranked industry in terms of its CSR reputation in Nigeria, and is highly ranked (2nd) in Brazil, France, India, and Kenya. However, it is ranked very low compared to other industries in the US, as well as in Greece and Turkey.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Mining Industry's CSR Reputation

The mining industry is seen as one of the worse performing industries on CSR, and its net performance is viewed as having reached a record low in 2013. When viewed as part of a country breakdown, we see that the mining industry is generally viewed as being among the lowest ranked on CSR performance.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Oil and Petroleum Industry's CSR Reputation

Since 2011 the oil/petroleum industry’s perceived CSR performance has ticked up slightly, in contrast with many other sectors. However, the global public continues to view the industry as one of the poorest CSR performers. In no country is the oil/petroleum industry seen as the top ranked CSR performer compared to other industries; its highest position being fourth in Brazil where Petrobras is traditionally viewed as a top responsible company.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Pharmaceutical Industry's CSR Reputation

Compared to many other industries, the pharmaceutical industry is perceived fairly well on CSR performance. However, it is not among the top-tier of sectors and─like most sectors GlobeScan measures─perceived performance is on a long-term decline. In no country is the pharmaceutical industry top-ranked on CSR performance, though it is second in Ghana and Mexico. Ghana and Mexico are also the countries that rate the pharmaceutical industry’s CSR performance highest, with Canada and the United States taking the least favourable positions. Spain is the only developed country where the sector has net positive ratings.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Supermarket Industry's CSR Reputation

Supermarkets and grocery stores are seen as being among the most socially responsible companies. In Canada, Spain and Turkey they are seen as the most responsible, but in many others they are ranked toward the top. Pakistanis give the sector the best rating on its CSR performance, with South Koreans having the most negative perception.

Read our full report to learn more:

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Telecommunications Industry's CSR Reputation

The telecommunications industry is one of the most favourably rated on its CSR performance. It is also one of the few whose perceived performance has risen over the past year. In France and Indonesia, the industry is seen as the strongest performer on CSR. In general however, perceptions on the telecommunications industry’s responsibility vary strongly between countries.

Read our full report to learn more:

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GlobeScan is a world leader in corporate reputation measurement and management. While most of our work is proprietary and customized for clients, we believe it is important for companies to understand the reputational context of their industry. This annual research with the global public tracks perceptions of 12 industries and makes for an important starting point for any reputation management journey.

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