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Tuesday 8 July 2003


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Please note that in November 2003, Environics International became GlobeScan Incorporated.

People around the World Believe that
Globalization Concentrates Wealth

Toronto, Canada - According to the third annual Global Issues Monitor survey of over 22,000 citizens in 22 countries, a majority of people believe that globalization causes a concentration of wealth, while only one-third of people think that it creates opportunities for all.

The Global Issues Monitor provides global decision-makers with critical insights and comparative country metrics needed to better understand the trends shaping their international business and policy environment. The report is designed to help shape corporate strategies, policy positions, and communications activities.

The 2003 Global Issues Monitor explores people's perceptions about important issues facing global society, including the merits of the free market economy, the effects and role of globalization, alternative routes to development and poverty reduction, governance capacity, and global security. The report also probes issues around trust and, very topically, the privatization of essential services (e.g., water, telephone), as more markets around the world put sectors that have been historically government-owned under private ownership.

The survey reveals a number of important insights with implications for economic development, trade, global governance, and security. Some topline findings from the 2003 Global Issues Monitor include:

A "distressed" world
• Overall, majorities of people surveyed see a world going in the wrong direction, troubled by poverty and terrorism, and lacking confidence in its capacity to address major global challenges.

Privatization in trouble
• Support for the privatization of essential services has dropped significantly across many countries over the past several years, encouraging a reassessment of this approach.

Burgeoning capitalism in China
• Despite their Communist roots, the Chinese are as enthusiastic as Americans about the free market economy and globalization. This development will have significant economic, environmental, and resource implications.

Support for fairer trade to combat poverty
• Except in France and the USA, there is very broad support for increased imports of commodities from developing countries.

We invite you to join other leading global companies, national governments, and international institutions and subscribe to the 2003 Global Issues Monitor research program, which includes the results of the survey in PowerPoint format, as well as a high-level executive report and customized in-person briefing.

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These results are based on research conducted by Environics International's worldwide network of research institutes. In each country, extensive face-to-face or telephone interviews were conducted with representative samples of about 1,000 citizens (for a total of 22,000). Each national poll is accurate to within 3 percent, 19 times out of 20. The complete country-by-country results for these and many other topics are available by subscription to the 2003 Global Issues Monitor research program.

Environics International is a global public opinion and stakeholder research company with research partners in over 50 countries. Established in 1987, it specializes in providing continuous tracking, insights and strategic counsel on global issues to multinational companies, national governments, multilateral agencies and non-governmental organizations.