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Keep up to date with our latest news, webinars, and reports.

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A Sustainability Conference, Without Sustainability Professionals?

I recently attended another interesting and enjoyable BSR Conference, this year focused on the Power of Networks (and conveniently for the GlobeScan San Francisco team – located in our own fair city!). At the conclusion of the conference I left having spoken to many interesting people who are doing fabulous and formative work in the sustainability arena. My own personal network is always expanded, and I am buoyed by the efforts of these people who are leading their companies to … “A Sustainability Conference, Without Sustainability Professionals?”

3 Lessons for Brands from Sustainable Brands London 2013

Last week, my colleague, Abbie Curtis, and I enjoyed a fantastic couple of days at Sustainable Brands London. Monday started with insights on declining trust in brands and the rise of feminine values, and Tuesday ended with lessons for intrapreneurs and how to be a successful change agent. There was an abundance of research, advice and case studies in between. I’ve just selected 3 lessons for organizations that are trying to cement their position as sustainable brands. These stood out … “3 Lessons for Brands from Sustainable Brands London 2013”

How Global Business Can Respond to Societal Expectations: A GlobeScan Radar Webinar

With businesses, citizens and governments around the world adjusting to a ‘new normal’ of low growth and contending with an ever-growing set of complex social and environmental challenges, how are public attitudes towards the corporate world and its place in society changing? And how can business respond? Through our annual global polling on business in society that informs the GlobeScan Radar program, we conducted a webinar on June 27, 2013 that looked at the current state of public trust in … “How Global Business Can Respond to Societal Expectations: A GlobeScan Radar Webinar”

RBC CWAS 2013 – Post-Webinar Information

Presentation materials: Download the presentation slides (.PDF, 2.4MB) Review a recording of the full webinar Download the full results of the 2013 Canadian Water Attitudes Study (.PDF, 3.8MB) Explore more from the 2013 Canadian Water Attitudes Study We would appreciate hearing your feedback on the Canadian Water Attitudes Study by answering this quick, 2-question poll. Presenter contact information: Lynn Patterson, Director, Corporate Responsibility, RBC: lynn.e.patterson@rbc.com Chris Coulter, President, GlobeScan: chris.coulter@globescan.com Bob Sandford, EPCOR Chair, Canadian Partnership Initiative, United Nations Water for Life … “RBC CWAS 2013 – Post-Webinar Information”

Webinar on Consumers and the Future of Sustainability

Click to read the full study On Thursday, February 7, 2013, BBMG, GlobeScan and SustainAbility hosted a special webinar featuring highlights from a new global Regeneration Roadmap study on how consumers are balancing environmentalism and materialism to shape the future of sustainability. A full recording of the webinar is available here Can we shop our way to sustainability? What actually motivates behavior change? What is the role of consumers in shaping a more sustainable economy? Based on the views of 6,224 consumers across … “Webinar on Consumers and the Future of Sustainability”