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TD Bank Group and GlobeScan to Host SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Join TD Bank Group and GlobeScan for the SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) on 16 January 2018.
SDG Leadership Series
Femke de Man

Join us for our SDG Leadership Forum for Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal #11) on Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

As part of our ongoing series of online dialogues, the SDG Leadership Forum for Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal #11) offers an opportunity to explore the challenges facing North American urban centres. We will discuss the critical role that green infrastructure and urban green spaces can play in achieving the UN’s ambitious 2030 goals and explore how various stakeholders can help create safe and accessible spaces, ensuring sustainable, inclusive and resilient cities.


Today, North America is the most urbanized region worldwide, with 82 percent of its population currently residing in urban areas. This number is expected to steadily rise as population growth and economic progress continue to drive urban development. However, urban living can often limit access to nature and public spaces, and can also increase exposure to environmental polluters.

Growing urbanization will require significant transformations in the way we build and manage our urban spaces to ensure our cities are resilient, inclusive and sustainable. Through green infrastructure and green spaces, the quality of urban living can be enhanced, by promoting resilient and sustainable lifestyles for communities.

In this live, online, text-based discussion, hosted by TD Bank Group and GlobeScan, we will discuss:

  1. Examples and best practices for implementation of green infrastructure in cities.
  2. The barriers and solutions to creating inclusive and accessible urban green spaces.
  3. Collaborative opportunities for accelerating progress on SDG 11 and creating resilient, accessible, and inclusive cities.

Through the online conversation, participants will have the opportunity to engage with a community of experts. We will learn from each other, inspire fresh thinking, and share best practice examples and solutions to turn ideas in to action.

We’ll be joined by a diverse line-up of Guest Contributors with different perspectives and expertise. Stay tuned as additional guests are confirmed.

  • 16 January: 12:00pm – 2:00pm EST

TD Bank Group is supporting this forum as part of its new corporate citizenship platform The Ready Commitment, which aspires to link its business, philanthropy and human capital to help create a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.

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