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Why NGOs Top the List of Those Advancing Sustainable Development

GreenBiz - GlobeScan Article - Why NGOs Top the List of Those Advancing Sustainable Development
Eric Whan

Sustainability leadership by NGOs is well recognized around the world as the type of organization that has contributed the most toward sustainable development since the Rio Earth Summit.

While this finding from our latest Sustainability Leaders Survey of experts is neither new nor surprising (NGOs have ranked as a leading institution since we began tracking this measure in 2009), NGOs’ steady commitment to collaboration, engagement and advocacy is celebrated despite them often being under-resourced.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has seen an 11-point increase in positive recognition among experts and now ranks in second place, viewed positively by the largest percentage of experts in the history of this survey. In contrast, very few experts rate the performance of national governments and institutional investors positively. The private sector has also seen a significant decline in ratings compared with 2018. It is impossible not to notice the negative correlation between influence and recognition across these various types of actors.

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