Insight of the Week: Consumers Believe That Affordability of ​Responsible Products and Services Is Key

Consumers Believe That Affordability of Responsible Products and Services Is Key​​

Preferred Company Actions to Help People and the Environment, ​Average of 27 Countries, 2020​

When asked what companies can do to enable healthy and sustainable living, consumers globally prioritize ensuring affordable yet responsible products. This is consistent across almost all 27 markets surveyed and across all generations, highlighting how pivotal affordability is for consumers to be able to change their behavior at scale.


  • Question wording: What are the best ways for companies to help you live in a way that is better for both people and the environment? Please select 2 actions from the following list.
  • Data sourceGlobeScan Healthy & Sustainable Living Report 2020 – survey of 27,000 people in the general public in June 2020.

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