Our Impact

Delivering impact to make more progress toward a truly sustainable and equitable future

We develop insights, strategies, and action plans that equip decision-makers with the confidence to lead a sustainable and equitable future.

Impact Report 2023

GlobeScan’s purpose is to co-create a sustainable and equitable future. Since our inception in 1987, we have looked to play a useful role in the ecosystem of change across the world through our work, helping our clients be better leaders by helping create the world we all want.

The purpose of our impact report is to be transparent and accountable to our stakeholders about our sustainability commitments and the impact of our work.

We feature examples of how we have worked with our clients, partners, and other collaborators in 2023 to drive positive impact. We also share our societal and environmental contributions and outcomes.

Material Issues

Our most material issues include operating ethically and with integrity, enabling social and environmental behavior change, offering purpose-led services, giving stakeholders more of a voice on sustainable development, and ensuring the well-being of our employees.   

In 2023, we completed our materiality assessment, pinpointing the critical issues requiring our business’s focus. From this materiality analysis, we have developed a new sustainability strategy that focuses on three core pillars: Responsible Business, Catalyzing Leadership, and Accelerating the Agenda.

At the heart of our sustainability strategy is the belief that our impact stems from assisting organizations in shaping a better future and that our most substantial impact is achievable through our collaborations with clients and through the research we do with hundreds of thousands of consumers and stakeholders each year.

Responsible Business

We aim to act ethically and with integrity in everything we do, from how we treat people to how we treat the planet.

Our commitment to ethical and responsible practices is at the core of our business philosophy and stakeholder engagement strategy. We believe that the way we conduct our business is as significant as the actual services we provide. Transparency is key to building stakeholder confidence and generating value for everyone involved.

Employee Value Proposition

Our employees are at the heart of GlobeScan and our values define how we collectively show up to work every day to deliver on our shared purpose. We strive to ensure that our employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered.


Through our Supplier Code of Conduct, we encourage our partners and suppliers to adopt environmental and social practices that are designed for positive impact which are measurable and subject to continual improvement.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

We recognize that diversity enriches our team, helps us to innovate, ensures we make better decisions, and creates a more inclusive work environment that supports our One Team culture.

Catalyzing Leadership

We support our clients to create positive economic, environmental, and social impact through their commitments, performance, stakeholder networks, and influence.

We believe that our greatest impact is through our work with clients. Our goal is to help them understand a rapidly changing world and equip them with the data and insights needed to drive better decisions toward a sustainable future.

Here are some examples of our work with clients in 2023:

Helping IKEA Enable Customers across the World to Take Action on People and Planet

GlobeScan’s People & Planet Consumer Insights, in collaboration with Ingka Group, guides IKEA’s strategic planning by addressing consumer needs and concerns for impactful decision-making.

Guiding the Sustainability Strategy of Suzano

GlobeScan supports Suzano, the world’s largest pulp manufacturer, since 2019 post-merger, enhancing brand strategies via stakeholder insights from research for effective decision-making and action planning.

Helping NGOs Increase Populations of Wild Animals by Reducing Demand for Unsustainable Wildlife Trade

GlobeScan aids global NGOs in combatting illegal wildlife trade through demand reduction campaigns, using surveys to grasp buyer perceptions and motivations.

Accelerating the Agenda

We help to guide systemic change toward sustainable development by researching, convening, and collaborating with others for collective progress.

Our broader influence comes through the stakeholders we engage with, and the professionals interested in our research. As we are all stakeholders on the journey for a sustainable future, we are committed to bringing stakeholders together and sharing our research and insights with the wider world.

Below are some examples of thought leadership reports we published in 2023:

Consumers Will Not Save the World: Why Now Is the Time for a Reset

Our 5th annual Healthy & Sustainable Living study takes stock of the current state of consumer engagement on the healthy and sustainable living agenda and what we can expect going forward.

The Climate & Nature Nexus: Taking Action on Integrated Approaches

Our shared research program on The Climate & Nature Nexus addresses a key question for many companies’ sustainability/ESG teams on how to better align their strategies and programs on climate and nature.

Joint Advocacy for Sustainability, a Primer for Companies and Civil Society

Our report with WWF explores ways that companies and NGOs can best lead advocacy efforts to shape the global sustainability agenda and deliver impact.

What Lies Ahead

It is early in our journey, and we know that there is always more work to be done.

In 2024, we will be setting short and long-term goals and targets against our sustainability strategy and will be recertifying as a B Corp among other things.