Our Values

Our values define how we collectively show up to work every day to deliver on our shared purpose.

Our values define how we collectively show up to work every day to deliver on our shared purpose.

Our purpose is to co-create a sustainable and equitable future.

This means we’re passionate about collaborating with our colleagues, our clients, our community of experts, and the wider world around us to find solutions to the world’s toughest challenges.

Our values guide everything we do. They define how we work every day and we trust them to show us the right thing to do.

We own it, together.

We’re more than colleagues, we’re

  • GlobeScan is owned by all of us, so we are proud to take ownership of everything we do.
  • We’re friendly and human. This means we support and care for each other – our colleagues, our clients, our community, and the wider world around us.
  • We collaborate every day, all across the world as one team.

We make things happen.

We aim to drive real change, both individually and collectively.

  • We look for concrete applications based on our work – we are action-oriented.
  • We’re rigorous, but not rigid – we’re practical, agile.
  • We encourage creative ways to solve problems and find solutions, both for ourselves and for our clients.

We challenge the status quo.

Asking the right questions isn’t just something reserved to our research.

  • We have the humility and hunger to learn; we’re curious, open-minded and forward-thinking.
  • We’re not afraid to challenge assumptions and stretch ourselves as well as our clients.
  • We come up with bold answers, grounded in evidence and impact.

We create space for all.

Fairness and equity don’t just happen, we actively pursue them.

  • We create space for people to be who they truly are.
  • We listen to and empower diverse perspectives – in our workplace and our work – because they make us stronger.
  • We strive to always be better as we know this job is never done.

We put trust at the center of everything we do.

Trusted leadership starts with each one of us.

  • We are honest, respectful, and transparent with each other, with our clients, and with our community.
  • We are committed to delivering quality work because we find meaning in what we do.
  • We are not transactional – we work hard to be true partners and help clients drive more positive impact in the world.