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Technology and computer companies are viewed by the general public as performing better on fulfilling their responsibilities to society than social media companies, with people in 25 out of 27 countries rating technology companies higher (people in Kenya and Vietnam rate social media companies slightly higher). Perceptions of the two sectors differ the most in the UK, where people hold particularly negative views of the responsibility of social media companies. Australians, Canadians, French, Germans, Japanese, Swedes, and Americans also hold much more positive views of technology companies than of social media companies.


  • Question wording: Please rate each of the following types of companies on how well they fulfill their responsibilities to society compared to other types of companies…?
  • Data Source: GlobeScan Radar, our 27-country, 27,000 person public opinion study on views of business, government and NGOs, issues tracking, and shifting societal expectations.

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