Green Consumers Alive and Well, but Living in Emerging Economies

This article was originally published on, as part of our Proof Points blog series. 5 December 2013 – To those of us seemingly surrounded by climate burnout and indifference, it is perhaps comforting that important places in the world are experiencing their first big wave of green consumerism. This is the picture that emerges from GlobeScan’s latest 20-country consumer poll that tracks climate concerns and low-carbon behavior. Results show low-carbon consumer behavior is surging in emerging economies such as China, India, Indonesia and Mexico. Asked … “Green Consumers Alive and Well, but Living in Emerging Economies”

You’re Talking to Employees About Sustainability Wrong

Much has been written about the benefits of engaging employees on corporate social responsibility or sustainability efforts. Take GlobeScan board member Kellie McElhaney’s assertion in her book, “Just Good Business”: “Study after study shows that CSR is significantly linked to employees’ satisfaction. Employees tend to feel good about coming to work and earning a paycheck, as well as about contributing to some sort of social or environmental issue.” GlobeScan’s research has indicated that for many employees their company is engaging … “You’re Talking to Employees About Sustainability Wrong”

NGOs in Russia: a challenging environment

The past few years have seen growing hostility in the Russian government towards the NGO community. New laws passed last summer by the Duma, the Russian parliament, required NGOs funded from abroad to re-register themselves as “foreign agents,” a move that has prompted a great deal of international criticism by bodies such as Amnesty International. The government maintains that NGOs are vehicles for foreign interference in Russian affairs—charges that are strongly rejected by the organizations in question. GlobeScan’s data indicate … “NGOs in Russia: a challenging environment”