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Staying on Top of the Sustainable Development Agenda

The GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey offers a unique, collaborative platform that uses research-driven insights, including targeted surveys of the most influential thought leaders in the sustainability arena from over sixty countries, to explore the biggest sustainability challenges.

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The thousands of stakeholders surveyed include leading sustainable development experts and practitioners from five sectors:

  • Corporate
  • Government (including multi-lateral institutions)
  • NGOs
  • Institutional (e.g., academics)
  • Service (e.g., consultants, media)

The GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey helps clients:

  • Navigate the increasingly complex business landscape of sustainability challenges and opportunities
  • Understand the perspectives of influential experts in the sustainability field
  • Tap into a pool of expertise for views and predictions on top sustainability issues
  • Monitor and anticipate major changes in public policy and business climate affecting their operating environments

Stakeholder Insight

When you engage GlobeScan and SustainAbility to prepare a workshop for your organisation, our consultants will work with you to customise the research-driven insights emerging from the program to deliver forward-looking strategic counsel. We will explore the sustainability challenges facing your sector and your business, and integrate learning from GlobeScan’s and SustainAbility’s regular work on sustainability strategy.

Thematic Areas

The GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey is in field around six times each year, and provides a regularly updated expert perspective on a range of timely topics, including:

  • Climate Change and Energy
  • Human Rights
  • Changing Expectations of Business in Sustainability
  • Resource Constraints, Water, Oil, Land
  • Innovation and Social Enterprise
  • Ecosystem Health and Services
  • Globalization
  • International Development
  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Governance
  • Corporate Leadership

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GlobeScan and SustainAbility have joined forces to provide insight and foresight into the evolving sustainable development agenda. The GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey builds on more than fifteen years of engaging sustainable development experts to inform, inspire and develop successful strategy.

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Eric Whan
Director, Sustainability Practice Lead
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The 2014 Sustainability Leaders

For the fourth year in a row, and by the largest margin yet, Unilever is regarded as the number-one corporate sustainability leader, with 33 percent of expert respondents identifying the company (up 8 points from 2013) as a “leader in integrating sustainability into its business strategy.” Nearly one in ten (9%, down 5 points) mention Patagonia, 7 percent mention Interface (down 4 points) and 6 percent point to M&S. Other companies named to the top 12 include: Nestle, Natura, Nike, GE, Walmart (down 5 points), Puma, IKEA (first time in top 12 list since 2004) and Coca Cola.

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