Generation Fairtrade: Looking to the Future

As Fairtrade celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, what does the future look like in the hands of the generation who have grown up with Fairtrade?

What is Generation Fairtrade?

Generation Fairtrade represents a future cohort of citizens and consumers that have never known a world without Fairtrade and the eco-label movement that Fairtrade sparked. They are used to seeing the Fairtrade mark on mainstream products from Cadbury Dairy Milk to Nestle Kit Kats, from Starbucks lattes to Sainsbury’s basic tea bags.
Indeed, GlobeScan’s survey, conducted on behalf of Fairtrade Foundation, found that 97% of UK 13-20 year olds recognize the Fairtrade mark and 85% show understanding of what it represents.

Key Learnings

As these teenagers and young adults step up to become the household decision makers in a few years’ time they bring an appetite for sustainable products with them. Three quarters of teens agree that they would like to buy and use more products that don’t harm the people that make them (77%) or the environment (75%). And nearly two-thirds (62%) would like to see more Fairtrade products at home.
When asked how they see the future for Fairtrade, teenagers are cautiously optimistic. Over half those surveyed (55%) believe that there will be increasing demand for Fairtrade and many more Fairtrade products will be available in the future. Verbatim comments from this engaged audience showed support for farmers, producers and the Fairtrade mark:

“It’s not only good for the farmers of these countries, it’s good for the world as a whole”
16 year old, Scotland

Findings from GlobeScan’s survey of young consumers were debated by producers, businesses, NGOs, campaigners, academics and politicians at Fairtrade’s recent ‘Fair Future’ conference. The infographic below is the first in a series of three that we are publishing based on these findings.

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