The Public On Purpose: Insights from a Global Study on Corporate Purpose

The Public On Purpose: Insights from a global study on the appetite among consumers globally for businesses to demonstrate and fulfill their broader purpose in society.
How can we build more societal trust in business? One key answer lies within the concept of Purpose. The degree to which brands are embracing Purpose is growing and revolutionizing what a company can and should stand for.
GlobeScan and Sustainable Brands conducted a public opinion survey in early 2016 in over 20 countries1 to assess consumer support for purposeful companies covering:

  • Investor views on profitability and Purpose
  • Perceived performance of business in the area of Purpose
  • How Purpose drives trust in business
  • Consumer views on the proportion of companies that are purposeful
  • Most purposeful brands
  • Drivers of brand Purpose

Our hope is that this research will make a contribution in the Purpose journey that many companies are embarking on, and that these insights will help brands build an authentic, mobilizing and value-generating Purpose into all they do.
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