Webinar Recap: Emerging Technology in the Supply Chain: The (R)Evolution of Monitoring

Supply chains are the arteries of modern economies, touching the lives of workers at production factories to end-consumers across the world. Operating within this complex global system is undoubtedly a challenge. Moreover, the complexities of our supply chains often become further entangled with obscure laws, cumbersome regulations and opaque governance.
This is changing. Brands are becoming more transparent and supply chains are getting more daylight… but it is only just morning.

Webinar 1: Supply Chain and Labor: Unfiltered Data Directly from Workers

From 10 October 2016

In the first of our 2-part series of webinars, GlobeScan and Good World Solutions presented ‘Supply Chain and Labor: Unfiltered Data Directly from Workers’:

To better understand what factors drive positive worker satisfaction and retention in Chinese factories, 10 leading brands and retailers partnered with Laborlink – inviting over 110,000 workers to complete a short survey on their current job satisfaction. The program results show that 73% of workers report high levels of workplace stress. In our October 10 webinar, we shared case studies of how this dataset has driven improvement, and how this model of direct worker engagement can boost job satisfaction and worker loyalty, in turn improving business outcomes like productivity and product quality. Speakers included: Wander Meijer, Director Asia Pacific, GlobeScan, Heather Franzese, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Good World Solutions, Edena Low, VP, Corporate Citizenship and External Affairs at Mattel, and Ernest Wong, Supply Chain Social and Environmental Program Manager at HP Inc.

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Webinar 2: Emerging Technology in the Supply Chain: The (R)Evolution of Monitoring

From 13 December 2016

After exploring best practices and challenges on labor in our first webinar on October 10 (see details below), our second webinar zoomed in on the emergence of technology as enablers and tools for better transparent supply chain management and auditing.
The acceleration of these emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart robotics, virtual reality and wearable devices are disrupting a wide range of industries. The field of supply-chain monitoring is no different. Our panelists explored how new technology will challenge and transform long-held practices related to product sourcing and supply-chain auditing.
Wander Meijer, Director Asia Pacific of GlobeScan, put supply chains in the context of low trust in global companies and high expectation of the public in the societal responsibilities of corporations, using GlobeScan’s Radar global polling results.
Thomas Rausch, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation at Good World Solutions, spoke to how emerging tech will enable more and better data capture from within supply-chains.
Dr. Kevin Franklin, Senior Vice President of ELEVATE, explained how supply-chain information is increasingly being combined with other data sources, and analyzed by smart algorithms to provide improved supply-chain insights.
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