Insight of the Week: Seriousness of Climate Change​

Seriousness of Climate Change​​

“Very Serious” and “Somewhat Serious,” ​Average of 16 Countries* vs USA, 2015–2020​​​

As the United States once again joins the Paris Agreement under President Biden’s new leadership, GlobeScan’s research shows that over the past five years, Americans’ worries about the climate have become increasingly aligned with the rest of the world. More than eight in ten Americans now say that climate change is a very or somewhat serious issue, with those under 30 years of age being significantly more worried than those over 30. Americans who identify as Black, Asian, and Hispanic or Latino also express significantly higher concern than those who identify as white. Not surprisingly, Democrats are much more concerned than Republicans – although almost two-thirds of Republicans (62%) also consider the issue as very or somewhat serious.


  • Question wording: For each of the following possible global problems, please indicate if you see it as a very serious, somewhat serious, not very serious or not at all serious problem.
  • Data Source: GlobeScan Radar, our 27-country, 27,000 person public opinion study on views of business, government and NGOs, issues tracking, and shifting societal expectations.

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