Perceptions of Seriousness of Climate Change: A GlobeScan Radar eBrief

Despite the possibility of a drastic change in direction on climate change policy after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency in the USA, GlobeScan’s tracking shows that the American public now believes more than ever that climate change is a “very serious” problem (since GlobeScan started tracking concern about climate change in 1998). Findings from our new GlobeScan Radar eBrief show that Americans’ sense that climate change is a serious issue has rebounded after steadily declining in the … “Perceptions of Seriousness of Climate Change: A GlobeScan Radar eBrief”

The US Election: Another Example of Our VUCA World

The US election reinforces the truth of our VUCA world. There is little doubt that we are living in highly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times. Like Brexit, the status quo was upturned in a staggering fashion in last week’s US election, teaching us all that we are living in uncharted waters replete with unknowable consequences. We are living in a world of great contradiction: on the one hand the world is witnessing exciting developments in technology and innovation, global … “The US Election: Another Example of Our VUCA World”

Trust in the Finance Industry: A GlobeScan Radar eBrief

‘Thick” trust is present when a company achieves social trust that goes beyond the transactional and includes acting in broader societal interest. Results from GlobeScan’s 2016 Radar research confirm that ‘thick’ trust in banks and financial services companies remains low, despite eight years having passed since the financial crisis of 2008. In our new eBrief, we explore the low levels of trust in the finance industry across different regions, the reasoning behind the low scores, and ways the finance industry … “Trust in the Finance Industry: A GlobeScan Radar eBrief”

Awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) vs Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were established in 2000, with the goal of improving the lives of people living in poverty around the world by 2015. GlobeScan measured global awareness of the MDGs in 2007, the halfway point. In this eBrief, we compare these results to the global awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established in 2015, which we tracked in this year’s GlobeScan Radar. download the eBrief

The Empty Crib

Our poll of 19 countries for The Economist reveals a neglected global scourge: the number of would-be parents who have fewer children than they want—or none at all. Read this article on The Economist