Growing Faith in Science and Technology:​ A GlobeScan Insight​

People – especially younger generations – are increasingly looking to science and technology to help create a better future When asked directly whether they believe that science and technology can help create a better future, people across 25 countries surveyed almost universally agree that this is the case. However, young people are markedly more optimistic than older generations. Around half of those aged 18–24 (Gen Z) strongly agree with this notion, suggesting that the focus on science-based solutions will continue … “Growing Faith in Science and Technology:​ A GlobeScan Insight​”

Global South Rising: A GlobeScan Insight

People in emerging markets are more optimistic about the future and the globalized economy, and are increasingly engaging in ethical consumerism GlobeScan’s research shows that there is a pronounced difference in optimism for the future between people in emerging economies, who tend to be much more hopeful, and those in the OECD countries, where fewer than half believe that future generations will enjoy a higher quality of life than we do today. People in China, India, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia … “Global South Rising: A GlobeScan Insight”

GlobeScan Radar: The Latest Trends That Will Shape 2020 and Beyond

Radar is a global public opinion research program of evidence and insights that is a vital part of GlobeScan’s contribution to helping influential organizations understand material issues, societal trends and the expectations people have of them. In uncertain times, leadership organizations need to build trust with their stakeholders and society and better engage with their external context. Since 1997, GlobeScan Radar has explored questions such as how concerns about several economic, environmental and social issues are changing, how people’s preferences … “GlobeScan Radar: The Latest Trends That Will Shape 2020 and Beyond”

Climate Change: A GlobeScan Insight

People across the world are increasingly worried about climate change, especially Gen Z Citizens across the world are increasingly saying that climate change is a serious issue; it now ranks among the top of a range of 18 global issues that people in 25 countries surveyed say are “very serious.” Concern about climate change ranks third after terrorism and environmental pollution in general, and on par with corruption and the depletion of natural resources. Over the past five years, concern … “Climate Change: A GlobeScan Insight”

Trust in Business: A GlobeScan Insight

Business’s social license to operate is eroding in Europe and North America There is a growing divide between developed and emerging markets in terms of people’s trust in business to act in society’s best interest. Those in developed markets are losing trust in global companies, while people in emerging markets remain generally more trusting of business. Trust in big business has fallen in recent years in the OECD member countries that GlobeScan has tracked over time. In Germany, fewer people … “Trust in Business: A GlobeScan Insight”

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A GlobeScan Radar eBrief As part of our latest Radar research program, we asked citizens in 21 countries about their awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals one year on from the launch, as well as the views of those in 15 countries on different institutions’ performance in acting to implement them. While awareness is fairly low in 2017, nearly four in ten global respondents report having at least some awareness about the Goals. Among the general public around the world, corporate … “Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

American Public Divided on the Need to Take Action on Climate Change

1 June 2017 – President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement sends a strong signal to the rest of the world that the US government does not prioritize climate change, despite almost half (49%) of the American public supporting the need to take “major action” according to new research. Results show that 56 percent of people across 19 countries surveyed say that we should take immediate major action to reduce human impacts on climate, while 28 per cent say that … “American Public Divided on the Need to Take Action on Climate Change”

Perceptions of Seriousness of Climate Change at Historically High Levels in the USA

15 December 2016 – Despite the possibility of a drastic change in direction on climate change policy after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency in the USA, GlobeScan’s tracking shows that the American public now believes more than ever that climate change is a “very serious” problem. Results from GlobeScan’s 2016 Radar research show that Americans’ sense that climate change is a serious issue has rebounded after steadily declining in the aftermath of the 2007–2008 financial crisis. Just over … “Perceptions of Seriousness of Climate Change at Historically High Levels in the USA”