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State of the Planet a Worrying Concern for Future Generations

State of the Planet a Worrying Concern for Future Generations
Kathryn Borrell

Business leaders are responding to one of the most sweeping crises in recent memory, calling for both empathy and action to guide people through uncertain times. News reports, social media and conversations with loved ones are inundated with information and stories about the impacts and effects of the coronavirus.

While we continue to weather this storm, it is important we remember the planet and its population are facing other substantial challenges which simultaneously cry out for our attention. It is my hope that as we build back towards a new normal, issues that have been placed on the backburner get the attention and action they deserve. One of the key challenges affecting us all but receiving significantly less attention than it did a few months ago, is climate change.

Keen to understand how we meet the demands of next generations and to develop business towards a future where people and planet can thrive, IKEA and GlobeScan conducted research in August and September involving over 30,000 consumers across 30 countries. The research shows that globally, climate change is a concern for the majority, with 73 percent of people worrying a lot or a fair amount about it.

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