Trust in the Finance Industry: A GlobeScan Radar eBrief

‘Thick” trust is present when a company achieves social trust that goes beyond the transactional and includes acting in broader societal interest. Results from GlobeScan’s 2016 Radar research confirm that ‘thick’ trust in banks and financial services companies remains low, despite eight years having passed since the financial crisis of 2008. In our new eBrief, we explore the low levels of trust in the finance industry across different regions, the reasoning behind the low scores, and ways the finance industry … “Trust in the Finance Industry: A GlobeScan Radar eBrief”

Greed is Green

In his book Swimming with Sharks, Joris Luyendijk describes the banking sector as ‘a plane without a pilot’ and with no moral compass. His conclusion however is that the problems which created the financial crisis are not personal, but systemic and if we want a stronger system, we must change the incentives rather than wish for nicer guys. With billions now becoming available for sustainable investments, bankers’ incentives are getting aligned with a greener, more sustainable world. Following this green money, the financial … “Greed is Green”

Recognizing Leaders: Gail Klintworth, Old Mutual Group

Gail Klintworth is the Group Customer Director and Responsible Business Lead at Old Mutual plc. In this role, Gail helps the business units deliver on their customer, brand and digital growth strategies and the critical strategic objective of becoming “the recognised financial services leader in Responsible Business.” Gail joined Old Mutual from Unilever, where most recently she was its Chief Sustainability Officer. In prior roles, Gail led Unilever’s global Savoury category, a number of global brands and was CEO of … “Recognizing Leaders: Gail Klintworth, Old Mutual Group”

Understanding Views on Business – GlobeScan Radar Infographic and Sector Intelligence Reports

In uncertain and volatile times, global organizations need greater insight on how to better manage risks and capitalize on opportunities, build trust with their stakeholders and society, and exert a greater influence in shaping their external context. Faced with these challenges, what can those charged with managing companies and their reputation do to stay ahead of the game? To help equip corporate leaders to take on these challenges, we are publishing 14 sector intelligence reports (covering Automotive, Banking, Beer, Chemical, Clothing, Electricity, Food, IT/Tech, Media and Entertainment, Mining, Oil and Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Supermarkets, and … “Understanding Views on Business – GlobeScan Radar Infographic and Sector Intelligence Reports”

The Future of Finance

A GlobeScan / Haas School of Business study of the financial sector reveals “inclusive innovation” offers opportunity for the sector to grow and re-engage with society.

GlobeScan and the Haas Center for Responsible Business release: The Future of Finance

“Inclusive Innovation” Offers Opportunity for the Financial Sector to Grow and Re-engage with Society: New Report Download the Future of Finance Report (PDF) 16 December 2011 – Global banking and financial sector experts see opportunities for the financial sector to grow and re-engage with society through “inclusive innovations,” a new report launched today, The Future of Finance, has found. Economic and regulatory uncertainty in many countries, and a degree of popular resentment exemplified by protests and a decline in reputation, presents … “GlobeScan and the Haas Center for Responsible Business release: The Future of Finance”