Insight of the Week: Worries About Water Strongest in the South

Worries About Water Strongest in the South Seriousness of Water Shortages, “Very Serious,” by Country, 2020 Although people in all 27 markets surveyed tend to be at least somewhat concerned about fresh water shortages, these concerns are much more intense among those living in Southern Europe, Latin America, and Africa and the Middle East. In contrast, Asian respondents tend to be the least worried about a lack of fresh water. Strong concern about water cuts across all demographic groups, with … “Insight of the Week: Worries About Water Strongest in the South”

Webinar Recap | Healthy and Sustainable Living in Brazil

On October 9th, following the September 24th global launch, GlobeScan and the Akatu Institute hosted a webinar on the new Healthy and Sustainable Living study. Focusing on the insights of the survey with Brazilian consumers, the webinar featured Hélio Mattar, president and founder of the Akatu Institute, Álvaro Almeida, Director of GlobeScan in Brazil, Lígia Camargo, Head of Sustainability and Communication at Danone Brazil, and Aron Belinky, an invited expert for the research analysis. This is a global project by … “Webinar Recap | Healthy and Sustainable Living in Brazil”

Spotlight on GlobeScan in Brazil

Leia esta entrevista em português GlobeScan’s Brazil team is composed of Director Álvaro Almeida and Project Manager Gabriela Rozman. You can learn more about GlobeScan in Brazil in the following interview. Tell me about GlobeScan in Brazil and also your role within it. Alvaro: GlobeScan has a long-term relationship with Brazil, having researched local stakeholders for many years. Since 2017, I have been representing GlobeScan in Brazil, aiming to develop a more robust GlobeScan presence through our activity in the … “Spotlight on GlobeScan in Brazil”

Sharp Drop in World Views of US, UK: Global Poll

4 July 2017 – Negative views of US influence in the world have increased in the majority of countries surveyed in the latest global country poll for the BBC World Service. Compared to 2014, when the poll was last conducted, double-digit increases in negative views of the US, rising to majorities, are now found in several of its NATO allies, including the UK (up from 42 to 64%), Spain (44 to 67%), France (41 to 56%), and Turkey (36 to 64%). … “Sharp Drop in World Views of US, UK: Global Poll”